Sunday, June 26, 2011

Safe Sex

"Safe Sex" are methods for having the fun without the risks of getting pregnant or transmitting deceases when having intercourse with someone. I have noticed that there are a number of similarities with the ineffective "safe sex" methods and the way Swedish politicians act when using Swedish military forces in international missions.

Lets compare!

Two methods are very often used when Swedish politicians decide upon when and where to send troops:

- Fertility Awareness. Many politicians believe that they can "sense" when there is a right or a wrong time to enter a conflict to avoid the most troublesome time periods when there is a high risk for unwanted results. Unfortunately each conflict has its own characteristics and time-line. The subject matter experts are the military, but the politicians not only want to decide when and where, but also how to use the troops. Unfortunately they have very little access to the other parts in the conflict and the analysis can be very wrong.

- Coitus Interruptus. This method can represent the Swedish politician belief that it is possible to pull the troops out of the conflict before the situation goes out of control. However it is very difficult to do this in time and most often the damage occur before the troops has left the country. It is also very hard to find a decisive indicator to decide when to leave the conflict. To early and you will lose a lot of international credit, too late and you will expose your soldiers to unnecessary danger.

The Swedish politicians need to decide what they are aiming for, since the goal decides the methods to be used.

- If the goal is to avoid getting pregnant, then castration is a very good method. Cutting the manhood off avoids even the slightest possibility of getting into to much trouble. If it is done correctly before the man comes of age, then it will also decrease the sexual desire in the same way as what was done with the eunuchs of the old Arabic harems. The cut down of the Swedish military forces is a very good but also slow way of achieving this political goal. Unfortunately the eunuchs are not very good soldiers and will have problem to defend the harem when the evil invaders arrive to the Sultans palace.

- If the goal is to avoid getting sexual transmitted deceases then the best way is to avoid sex altogether or to wear some kind of barrier. Avoiding sex is not very funny and is not recommended for anyone who want to have a social life. The barrier method is very effective, but even the best condom can brake down. You can never have 100% guarantee that the barrier keeps you out of harms way. The best way is maybe to let someone else do the job! However, in the long term this will result in a bad reputation and all the girls will avoid any further contact.

It is very difficult to get a politician to admit to having "sex" or even wanting to have "sex". The subject is very sensitive and most often the politicians just want to talk about the money involved.

Maybe one need to take some calculated risks? Try to get to know the girl to see if there is any risks involved and then just go for it?

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